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Talk to your Partner

Finding it difficult to talk to your partner?

Below are a few points to remember when discussing contraception:

  • Find a good time to talk about sex, contraception or any health concerns you might have - when you are on your own and unlikely to be interrupted. Don't try and talk when you are already getting intimate! But do insist on using contraception every time, if you do not want to get pregnant
  • Talk about what you want and what you don’t want. Be open to chatting a couple of times if you or your partner's feelings change
  • Talk about the practical aspects of the issue - how you are going to remain abstinent, what type of contraception should be used, who will take responsibility for it, pay for it and STI testing, if necessary
  • Most importantly, be sure that the decision made is one you are happy with, can live with and reflects your values and beliefs