Your Guide to Emergency Contraception

Emergency Contraception Facts

  • Women of all ages can use emergency contraception to prevent unplanned pregnancy if they have had sex without using contraception or their contraception has failed.
  • Many women who have had a crisis pregnancy did not think to use emergency contraception.
  • Emergency contraception is not suitable as a regular method of contraception and it does not prevent pregnancy in every woman.
  • Many women believe that emergency contraception can only be taken 3 times in their lifetimes - there is no evidence to support this.
  • There is no evidence to suggest that use of emergency contraception can cause infertility.
  • If you are already pregnant, emergency contraceptive pills or the coil will not work.
  • Emergency contraception does not provide any protection from sexually transmitted infections.

If you’ve taken a chance or your contraception has failed, you could be at risk of getting pregnant. Emergency contraception is more effective the sooner you take it after having unprotected sex.

More Information

Download the Emergency Contraception Leaflet