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Myths about the Pill

Myth: The pill makes you fat.

In fact, some women may experience weight gain, some weight loss. Weight gain is normally due to an increased appetite and lack of exercise. If you are concerned about weight gain discuss this with your doctor and she/he can help suggest a pill or alternative contraceptive that is right for you.

Myth: The pill causes cancer.

In fact, the pill reduces the risk of certain cancers

Myth: The pill causes acne or more spots.

In fact, certain oral contraceptives have favourable effects on acne.

Myth: The pill delays fertility.

In fact, most women can get pregnant immediately after stopping the pill.

Myth: All women aged 35 and over must stop taking the pill.

In fact you can take the pill until menopause. You should stop taking the pill at age 35 only if you are a smoker.

Myth: Women should take a break from the pill.

The fact is that it is not necessary for any woman who is free from side effects to take a break from the pill. Once your system is used to the pill you should keep taking it to avoid irregular cycles and to keep protected against an unwanted pregnancy.