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Female Condom

98% effective with careful and consistent use


A female condom is a barrier method that a woman can use to help prevent pregnancy or sexually transmitted infections, including HIV.

How it Works

A thin polyurethane sheath, with two rings. It lines the vagina and the area outside and prevents sperm from entering the woman's vagina during sex.


  • Can be put in before sex
  • Can be used with water or oil based lubricants
  • Does not require a prescription
  • Condoms can be used with other methods of contraception to practice safer sex and to prevent unplanned pregnancy and STIs. This is referred to as ‘Double Dutch’.
  • When used correctly the female condom helps to protect both partners from sexually transmitted infections including HIV
  • No medical side effects


  • Insertion takes practice
  • May slip during sex
  • Can be pushed aside