Relax, Johnny's Got You Covered

Diaphragms / Cap

92-98% effective with very careful use higher failure rate with less careful use


A barrier method that the woman fits inside her vagina to cover the cervix to prevent sperm reaching the egg. Spermicide is used with this method to destroy sperm.

How it Works

A flexible rubber or silicone device, used with spermicide, is inserted by the woman into the vagina to cover her cervix and prevent sperm reaching the egg.


  • Can be put in any time before sex (extra spermicide may be needed)
  • It can be re-used
  • Useful for women who wish to avoid hormones


  • A consultation with a doctor is needed to select the right size and type
  • Fittings should be checked every year
  • Additional spermicide is needed for every act of sexual intercourse
  • Must stay in place for at least six hours after sex but not more than thirty hours
  • Cystitis can be a problem for some users (Cystitis is an inflammation of the bladder)
  • Does not protect against sexual transmitted infections