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Condom Demonstration

Female condoms are really effective when they are used properly and they minimise the risk of pregnancy and protect against most (but not all) sexually transmitted infections. It takes a little practice to use one properly - read the package instructions carefully and check out the tips below:

  • Be careful that condoms don’t tear when opening the packet – be careful of long nails and jewellery.
  • Condoms should be put in before there is any genital contact or penetration. The female condom can be inserted hours before having sex. If there’s a chance you might have sex you could put one in, just to be sure. Female condoms can be used at any stage of your monthly cycle.
  • Squeeze the small inner ring between your thumb and forefinger. Insert the condom into the vagina and push inside as far as you can
  • Put your finger inside the condom until you can feel the bottom of the inner ring. The larger outer ring will stay outside your vagina
  • Oil and water-based lubricants can be used with the female condom and should be used inside the female condom
  • When sex starts, guide the penis into the outer ring to make sure that it does not go on the side, passing by the condom
  • After ejaculation you must remove the condom by twisting the outer ring (to keep the semen inside) then gently pull it out
  • There will still be semen (fluid that spurts out of the penis at ejaculation) on the penis so keep it away from the vagina
  • Wrap the condom and dispose of it safely and hygienically (not down the toilet).
  • Condoms can only be used once.

Condoms offer the best protection from sexually transmitted infections and HIV but no method of contraception can provide 100% protection from sexually transmitted infections, HIV or pregnancy.

Condom Care

Never use a condom after its expiry date. Ensure the condom has a kite or CE mark. If there is a kite or CE mark on the pack of condoms, this means that the condoms are of a high quality. This mark will be located on the back of the condom pack and/or on back of the condom wrapper. Never use a condom more than once. It is advised that condoms not be stored directly in a person’s pocket unless it is in a protective box. This is due to the flexing and movement within the pocket that may cause damage.